September 2015

transilvania1Krav Maga System introduces Touring and Training in Transilvania and is an experience not to be missed. The training is based around our training center in the town of Bran and in other locations in Transilvania. Bran is a beautiful town in the heart of Transilvania, picturesque, nice restaurants, friendly locals and not far from Dracula’s Castle.

The training is carried out by our team of world class instructor: Adrian Siman

You should expect intensive training, of about 4-5 hours a day for 3 days, in our regular gym environment together with other locations such as: water and night training, urban self-defence, outdoor training and more. The course will cover many subjects from the system, including: defending armed assaults; fighting skills; combat training and experiencing Krav Maga in different locations & environments.

The remaining days will be spent touring around Transilvania. Also included are various tours, including Dracula’s Castle, Peles Castle, Turada Salt mine, plus many more small attractions.

What you should bring for a training session ?

Hard groin protection; mouth guard; shin guards; wrestling/mat shoes (recommended); and tennis/running shoes. If you don’t bring wrestling/mat shoes, you may need to train barefoot on the mats. The tennis/running shoes will be utilized outdoors. Boxing gloves (14oz.), as well KM t-shirts.

What is the food like, and how much is it?bran-castle

Visitors find the wide varieties of food in Transilvania very good, healthy, and inexpensive. Vegetarians will have no problems, and fresh fruits/vegetables/juices are everywhere. Water is safe to drink, although bottled water is cheap and readily available and recommended for tourists.


” I have just returned from an epic week training and touring in Romania. The week consisted of two days training under the instruction of George and Adrian and a further four days visiting the sites of Romania. This was my first experience of training in another country and I would recommend it to anyone looking to gain some experience of intensive training and take a step outside their weekly training ‘comfort zone’. George and Adrian made sure the group trained hard throughout the sessions and introduced some new techniques and training elements that we had not come across in our weekly training sessions. The training group was good, including mixed sexes and Practitioners from the Liverpool, Manchester and London clubs.
Touring around Romania was a great experience and it was obvious that George and Adrian had put a great deal of thought into the tour, ensuring that we saw some of the best sites Romania has to offer. In addition to visiting Vlad the Impaler’s castle (a definite must see), we visited Monasteries, Mines, and different cities in Transilvania and toured the Romanian country side.

I would recommend the trip to anyone who is thinking about expanding their training experience and looking to visit an area of the world they might not otherwise visit. I am certainly looking forward to any future tours!”


” Had a brilliant time on the Transilvania trip. As soon as we’d arrived and sorted ourselves out we got straight down to the training in the hotel night club; completely out of the normal training environment and in line with the krav maga philosophy to always be prepared. We were taken through three days solid of technique and skill improvement for attack, defence, weapons training and improved situational awareness with the training taking place in full light, half-light and in the dark. Adrian and George were available throughout the whole trip to demonstrate and discuss the fine points of any technique with constant reminders of “200% defence” and “CHECK THE AREA!”. After the formal training and a great evening celebration we saw Transilvania in the best way possible – almost 1000km on the road, with many stops to open our eyes to what a beautiful and interesting country it is. I completely recommend the trip and definitely want to do it again.”

Martin Hunt

“Having been on the Romanian Krav tour i feel that i heaved gained a great deal from my experience particularly the intense training sessions, these being conducted under various stress situations and enabling us to put our new found techniques into action.
The tour itself was well thought out, we travelled around transilvania and the romanian countryside as well as visiting a number of unique places including monasteries, a salt mine and Vlad the impaler’s castle. All of the attractions giving an interesting insight into the background of Romanian history.

Thanks to Adrian and George for making the tour what it was and i would recommend future tours to anybody thinking of training outside the UK.”

Mike (Manchester)