Krav Maga Self Defence for Kids in Liverpool 5 – 17 year olds.krav-maga-for-kids-in-uk

We will teach the basic movements, punches, kicks, defence against common holds and attacks. How to prevent and deal with all the relevant dangers.
But it’s not just physical, the class is designed to educate without scaremongering. It makes sure the student understands potential dangers and how situations could escalate. I deal with prevention.

The student will then learn when it is appropriate to use the techniques, emphasising non-violent solutions.

Krav Maga classes will improve:
– Confidence
– Physical fitness
– Concentration and focus

If you feel your kids would benefit from learning self defence and self discipline please contact us here  or call Adrian on 07508 536015

The ability to stay in control by:
– Being aware
– Being prepared and looking confident
– Avoiding risk
– Never assuming it won’t happen to you
– Having respect for themselves and others
– Understanding that ‘gut feeling’ and
– It’s not weak to walk away from trouble.