What should I wear to Krav Maga classes?

All you need is a T shirt, tracksuit bottoms/training trousers, and training shoes. Regular students and Instructors wear official Krav Maga uniforms consisting of a black T shirt with white logos (Instructors are red), and black kickboxing type trousers with white logos (again, Instructors are red).
Wrestling/grappling boots are what most Krav Maga students choose as footwear for training. It is not a requirement to wear official uniform, but it is recommended (it stops expensive clothing being ruined!) The uniform is available to buy in our Krav Maga shop.

Do I need anything else?
Yes. Groin protection is mandatory. While safety is always our first priority, and accidents are rare, they can happen. Being kicked or punched in the groin is unpleasant whether intentional or not! Any sports type groin guard will do, but the martial art type is the most suitable. We do stock both male and female groin guards in our Krav Maga shop.

What can I expect in Krav Maga class?

Krav Maga Techniques

The format of the class may vary depending on the material to be covered, however typically the format will be as follows:

Opening the class:

The instructor will ask you to form a line in front of him, will welcome you to training and ask you to bow with him saying the word ‘kida’ (Hebrew for bow). This is the only formal etiquette in Krav Maga.

10-15 min warm up:

This includes some light cardiovascular exercise, some oiling of the joints, stretching, power exercises and a game. Even in the warm up you will be learning Krav Maga, as wherever possible we include KM in everything we do.

Introduction to individual or family of techniques:

The instructor will explain the theme of the class and introduce the first of the techniques to be covered. Each technique is demonstrated several times at full speed, several times in slow motion, and several times with a detailed explanation.

You will then have the opportunity to ‘dry drill’ the technique, working on developing gross motor skills. This is followed by a ‘body drill’ with a partner done very slowly at first, gradually building speed at your own pace. The next stage is the ‘summary drill’ which gives you the opportunity to practice the technique in a way that simulates reality as safely as possible.

This process may be repeated several times depending on the number of techniques being covered.

Final exercise:

This will typically be a game or exercise designed to allow you to practice your new skills in a safe, but challenging environment. We call it ‘pressure testing’ and it allows you to identify for yourself areas you may need to develop. It’s also great fun!


Depending on the material covered there may be some stretching at the end of the class to avoid feeling stiff and sore the next day!

Closing the class:

The same as the start, we all line up, face the instructor(s) who will ask us to bow saying ‘kida’ which is followed by a round of applause.

Do I need to be really fit?

Definitely not. Krav Maga is about realistic self defense for everyone. A welcome by-product of the training is that your fitness will improve, but this is not the main objective. Everyone is encouraged to train at their own level.

I have no martial arts background. Can I still do Krav Maga?

Absolutely. In many cases this is actually an advantage, as you don’t have to spend time ‘unlearning’ aspects of other systems that, while excellent for sport fighting purposes, are not really effective for self defense in realistic situations. That said, well developed striking skills will stand you in good stead.